Monday, December 11, 2006


TD, BJP want IIT only at Basar in AP: AndhraCafe

TD, BJP want IIT only at Basar
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Hyderabad : In a quick reaction to Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy hinting at the setting up o an IIT near the city, the main opposition TDp and BJP expressed their opposition stating that it should come up at Basar in Adilabad district as originally proposed.
In a statement, TDP president N Chadnrababu Niadu said that the Assembly had adopted a unanimous resoluton to establish IIT at Basar. "The Central and State governemtns should adhere to the resolution as it was a major pilgrim centre and also a backward area," he said.

In another statement, BJP state president B Daddatreya pointed out that the latest decision would undermine the collective wisdom of the Assembly. He urged the State Government to establish the IIT at Basar.

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