Saturday, November 25, 2006


Agami Orissa seeks full-fledged IIT

Agami Orissa seeks full-fledged IIT

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar

Agami Orissa, a leading organisation with an objective of highlighting educational problems in the State, held a seminar at the Utkal University on Friday under the presidentship of linguist Prof Debi Prasanna Patnaik. They unanimously resolved to support State's demand for a full-fledged IIT.

Hundreds of students and academicians, who attended the seminar, were of the opinion that even after 59 years of Independence, the State has been immensely suffering from poor education and health facility. The State is deprived of getting national institutions like IIT, IIM and Central Universities.

They pointed out that the Anandakrishna Committee, specially constituted to recommend for newer IIT campuses in the country, has selected five places where Orissa does not figure. The committee has recommended establishment of IITs in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, even though these States already have IITs, IIMs and Central Universities. Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are also privileged to have new IITs, although they have Central Universities. However, the proposal to upgrade Orissa's Burla Engineering College to an IIT was turned down.

"In light of the Centre's gross negligence of Orissa in respect of providing Central institutions and patronising higher education, Agami Orissa is planning a mass revolution in future. It has proposed an all-party consensus in the State Assembly for setting up of an IIT in the State. It also demands that Burla Engineering College be declared a Deemed University and converted to Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IIST)," said Santosh Tripathy, the convenor of the organisation.

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