Tuesday, August 15, 2006


IIT Delhi would like another campus nearby

Staff shortage: IIT writes to Govt for help

Meenal Dubey

New Delhi, August 16, 2006

IIT Delhi still suffers from 25 per cent of faculty shortage. The institute’s authorities have written to the HRD ministry in this regard. The institute is hoping to rope in more teachers in forthcoming months and is devising a strategy to compensate teachers with regard to their salaries.

At present, there are 421 faculty members. Asked if IIT authorities had brought this to the notice of the government, director Surendra Prasad said: “We have written to the government and we are hopeful that it will be addressed.”

Referring to the quota decision, he said, “If seats are increased at IIT, then more faculty would be required. This is crucial and the issue of faculty compensation has to be addressed. We are also trying to contemplate how to top up the faculty’s salaries,” said Prasad. “Teachers have a good and a simple quality of life on the campus and facilities are provided to them. We can help the teachers through research grants from our side but the matter requires some debate and contemplation.”

Another immediate challenge facing IIT Delhi is updating of the existing infrastructure. “There is limited scope for growth on the campus but things have to be worked out. We are also in favour of the idea of establishing a second campus nearby,” Prasad added. “We also aim to create more room for the faculty, better equipment for research and add more classrooms and lecture halls. But this would require funds and time.”

The good news for IIT is that the institute received funds to the tune of Rs 27.5 crore for sponsored projects and Rs 11.8 crore for constancy assignments. “These funds were more compared to last year,” Prasad said. “However, research remains a top priority for us and we want to double our research output.”

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